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Do Rogan jeans shrink when washed?

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I just got a pair of Tragic jeans, and they fit nicely. I don't want them to get shorter if I wash/dry them.

If I hang dry them will they remain the same length?

Also, do Rogan jeans get worn in similar to APC's if you wear them for a while without washing them?



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first of all, you always wear the pants for a long time before you wash them.

so now you need to wash them... you turn them inside out when washing, absolutely

never wash them with out flipping them inside out. unbutton the buttons and/or zippers.

nevermind what it says on the pants, wash them in cold water unless you don't want them to age at

all. denim is a work in progress, take my advice and use cold water. if the jeans are too tight, which i highly doubt considering

you've worn them for quite some time, wash them in very cold water. but if they're just right, warm to

cold water will do you best.

now the drying procedure. after taking them out of the dryer, lay them on a flat surface and

flatten them out well, and leave them flipped inside out. you have four drying choices, each one

yielding different results.

i'll give you the four choices, and you decide what you want:

1. dry the denim in the dryer on low = the finished denim will come out shrunken a bit

2. dry the denim in the dryer on medium = the finished denim will shrink a little bit more than if

set on low and the fade will be really nice on the front leg area, but really strong on hard stitch


3. dry the denim on low for about 25 minutes, take the denim out and lay them flat and let them dry

up naturally the rest of the way = this will result in low shrinkage a bit less fade but a great

feeling denim to the touch. it'll be a bit wavy looking, but will flatten out with one long wear.

4. do not put in dryer at all, flatten out denim and let them air-dry = this will result in a very

crispy feel that really complements darker indigo colors. the denim will have almost no shrinkage

and barely any fade. most high end denim dealers will say this is the only way to go, but with some

of the heavier fabrics the initial few wears might be a bit rough, but rewarding in the long run due

to the very tailored fit after the second wear.

love your denim,


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I live in the tropics and it tends to get really hot here. Hence, jeans will stench more than normal and more than usual. I have my jeans washed at least once every 2 months (considering I rotate them with 3 other pairs). So, if this is the case would Rogan shrink than when you don't wash them more often?

The size difference between a 34 and a 33 is quite small for Rogan and the 34 for me is just a tad bigger (but both are wearable). Which one do I get? I'm a normal size 34 but dieselofmiami (a famous rogan ebayer) has a size chart saying a size 34 rogan is actually a size 35.

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Is it the case for most denim that a warm wash followed by a flat drying will result in little/no shrinkage? I might actually wash my Edwins if i can do it without them getting smaller...

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