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Oldschool steez?


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Not sure if this belongs in here or shopper...

Anyway, I was lookin through old family albums and found some pretty cool lookin outfits and shiat. I think everyone should do that and post what they find....




Dad. those jeans kinda look raw no?picture1219oj7.jpg


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I wish I had pics but my mom was saying her and her friends used to go down to Buffalo to pick up raw denim from little shops for like pennies, old Levis and Lees and shit. And they were all about getting nice fades on them. She knows all about denim too it's nuts i was telling her all this shit about japanese denim and she totally burst my bubble .

Anyway I will ask her to find pictures of her jeans

Oh and she said she had this one really nice pair and someone jacked them off her!11

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