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The official yawning thread


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Allright - I thought it was time to open up this thread.

Please post all the stuff , events and Jeans in here that nobody cares about...


This should prevent further new threads - and you can also post all your problems in here...

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I hate yawning. I am reaaaaally susceptible to yawning when I see/hear/read/think anything about yawning. I yawned once upon reading this title and then again while typing this. And then my eyes get al watery and i can feel another coming on..fuckers.

Ok nvm I'm good.

oh wtf....that's 3. and there's a full tear rolling out my right eye.

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Not sure if it fits in here..

But I bet no one cares..



That guy's ass crack looks like the trench run on the Deathstar. Fly down and shoot two proton torpedos down the guy's puckered anus. No harder than shooting whomp rats off the valley ridge. Lol. :D

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