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German silver Concha for every RedMoon??


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My Title should be: When did RM start using German Silver Concha for EVERY wallet?

anyway, to the best of my knowledge and correct me if i am wrong, about a year ago, there are only two redmoon wallet using German silver concha....They are the SVM 02 and the NRC 02s. and they are priced the same at 45150 yen which are about 5000-10000 yen costly than regular long wallet, and also back then, they will list these two to be german silver but not other one.

The reason i came up with this thread is because the one using german silver concha has absolutely no design on them and being priced higher than regular one and if you polish them with the silver polishing cloth, they will be shine as hell. The concha with the indian face absolutely look not silver to me.

SVM 02


NRC 02s


so, i went to the redmoon webpage, and it seems like almost every wallet now use german concha according to the way they listed on their material which they just recently updated their website. So did they change all their concha or they has always been like that??

this is the SVM 02 after polish...look at the concha


so , Any RM owner, can you try and polish your concha with silver polish cloth and see it shine like that?

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