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we have agreed to create ANOTHER superartisan thread in SUPERSHOPPER... so there will now be TWO superartisan threads... 


01 SUPERARTISAN [on superdenim] --> Superartisans Denim & Leather Brands

02 SUPERARTISAN [on supershopper] --> SUPERARTISAN [supershopper] ... yes THIS ONE !!


--> superartisan subscribers can select which thread they want to post in.

--> only superartisan will be allowed to post products in these threads.

--> threads will not be pinned 

--> subscribers should be able to move posts from one thread to another but if you have trouble just pm the mods.






and please note the posting RULES



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Hey Superartisan,

BENJAMINS is a new shoe brand. We're on Kickstarter right now check us out. www.benjamins-shoes.com

Unique features include leather foxing, quilted silk lining, and 100% linen shoe bags. Our shoe boxes are filled with shredded US currency.

Thanks for the support.

does the cost of the shoes go up because of the shredded US currency box filling?

edit: do I get a discount if I opt to get a pair w/o the shredded US currency?

Edited by brother teresa

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If you gonna make product shots trying to raise funds at least make sure the products are defect free. The foxing is so uneven it makes me cringe. Should have focused more on quality management and design iteration instead of gimmicks like shredded US currency or linen shoe bags. 

Edited by Egpt

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Just noticed mods created this here after I was bitching in superofficial about it, much appreciated. I woulda felt weird about posting this stuff in Superdenim. 


I'm part of a brand based in San Francisco, I guess sort of a fusion of accessible techwear and light contemporary. Everything is designed and built in SF, using almost entirely US made fabrics and trims. We're a small team, and have a lot to still learn, but I'm pretty proud of the strides we've made organically. Still refining fits and fabrics on certain pieces, but our stockist list is growing, our website is finally functional, and the aesthetic and direction is feeling more accurate to what we've envisioned. Would love feedback, ideas, etc. Lookbook is on the website, but here's a quick look at what we're up to.





Long Range Patrol LTE Black Spectra




Long Range Patrol in Void Black Nanosphere




Garrison LSW in Black Chambray




PT Sweatshort in Black




We're really focused on domestically building garments which work in a variety of applications, have a clean fit and the right amount of tech, but still with an accessible pricepoint. We've gotten access to some incredible fabrics, but are pretty much self taught, so each season we're building on what we've learned in the past. 

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i gotta check that out next time i'm in SF


void main is dropping tomorrow. hmu if you want in early.

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Able archer rucksack


front (back?) looks a bit much with the name patch and pockets but that could probably be fixed.



Hello. Thanks for posting up our Rucksack.


You can run it slick by removing or turning around the nametag and unsnapping off the chest strap (as well as the waist strap). The nametag is a separate piece, and we'll be offering custom names you can add on later very shortly.


You might've seen this particular grey backpack on a couple episodes of HBO's Ballers.


Here's a shot of it in our "Ash" color way. Thanks again.





Edited by AbleArcherCo

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Hello everyone! We are the LifeofBabo team and we are running a hip hop and urban t-shirt campaign. We would be happy if you guys could check out our website. We are a team of students at Babson College that are running a t-shirt campaign called LifeofBabo. We are inspired my hip hop legends like Kanye that are killing the hip hop game and revolutionizing rap in a whole new way and our t-shirts reflect that passion. All of our proceeds go to inner city kids towards music programs at their schools; these are kids that could have been the next Kanye or Drake had they gotten the chance to get a music education at school to support their dreams.

If you believe in keeping dreams alive for those who have no chance to pursue them given economic circumstances of school systems in the cities of America, come to our website and our social media and show us some love! We are looking to collaborate with other hip-hop artists, companies, and people as well and spread our message. Thank you everyone and please check our website out!


LifeofBabo Team

Check us Out: http://www.lifeofbabo.weebly.com/

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    • By TheArtisanJournal
      Hey everyone,
      I started this topic to discover how everyone's thoughts are about artisans in general, and how you perceive the growing counter-movement against "poorly made" products. 
      My name is Jeroen and I'm from The Netherlands, and I've been in retail management since 2000. I've had the privilege to be working closely with Mr. Raymon of Red Cloud & Co. from China and the guys from Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies in Singapore in the past, and I frequently visit denim artisans in Europe such as Manuel Canova of IMjiT35020 Manufactus and Mohsin Sajid of Endrime  (to name a few). 
      In 2011 I visited Kurabo and Collect/Japan Blue and it was an eye-opener for me. I was always very keen on denim, as I was obsessed with the work of Francois Girbaud, and being able to see the craftsmanship and respect for tradition they have in Japan, was amazing.
      Currently I have a site going which, amongst others, focuses on telling stories about artisans/makers. I used to run Union of Artisans platform, of which the new site is an offspring. I'm also the co-host of the Artisan Challenge, which runs alongside the Denim World Championship (kudos to Megatron for that!). 
      Anyway, I've been doing quite some research on how the millennial generation is trying to be more aware of how they consume and that the so-called "hipster" is actually very good for the global economy. Interestingly so, this movement has parallels with the much-discussed Third Wave Coffee Movement which is about coffeemakers and coffee-consumers going back to the roots of coffee and truly want to know "where does this bean come from and where is it going now". 
      There's an article on the millennial generation, from a while back though, on The Guardian which discusses a few similar points to this topic. Based on that article, miss Amy Leverton (Denimdudes book) also wrote an article on how denim is moving forward in a more conscious way but also discusses how retail deals with it.
      I'm very keen to discuss with you all here how you perceive denim development and your thoughts on artisans, or perhaps the misuse/abuse of the word artisan. There are loads of brands popping up nowadays claiming to be artisanal, handmade, whatever but basically make the poorest of poorest product in the market. This, in my opinion, plays a part in the mass-chain stores such as H&M and Zara claiming they too make "authentic" "tailor-made" denim with a horrifying stitched-on selvedge ID. 
      For me personally, I hope I can be a small voice within the industry showing true artisans and how they care for their craft. I believe the world forgot many beautiful crafts and that they're slowly returning to the industry, and more important, return to retailers that start caring more on the WHY and HOW it is made instead of WHERE it's made and the best margin. Compared to most segments of the fashion industry, the denim industry is one that can more easily be filtered and has a very lively community of consumers/denimheads that sometimes even know more about the product and "making of" than some retailers or even makers. To see how this industry is embracing craftsmanship is a blessing and therefor I hope you want to get into the conversation and express your opinion/thoughts/annoyances etcetera. 
    • By superfuture
      superfuture is now issuing subscribers with a free supercard !!
      for supermembers, supersellers, supermember [+] supersellers, and superartisans who have purchased a minimum subscription of $US14...
      the idea is that eventually supercard holders will be able to utilise their supercard to get discounts or other privileges from participating partners. 
      not yet a subscriber? then this should be one more reason to sign up !!
      we are also now looking for superfuture x partners who can work with us. if interested, send us your genius thoughts and smart proposals and we can talk. at this point anything is possible. email us at:
      [email protected]

    • By ThroughBeingCool
      Studio D'Artisan SD-103 size 27
      Purchased from BiG for $285. <20 wears. Chainstitched to 31". Will fit a true 28 or 29 waist. One hot soak. SOLD  





    • By Olindho
      Im searching for the Our Legacy seregenti artisan jacket.
      Size M, L or XL
      Will pay 300£ for it - shipping excluded.