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where did your name come from?


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Adolf Baeyer and Viggo Drewsen were the first chemists to make indigo synthetically, in 1882. The synthesis was superseded by better methods, but the Baeyer-Drewson indigo synthesis (with the persistent misspelling of Drewsen's name) is still well known to any chemist.


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i already had the avitar, and thought "whats a funny play on haptronics name that i could ask him to change mine to to fuck with him a little"

i didnt expect him to take me seriously.

his suggestion before he changed it was relentlesselfpromoter

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My name has a really dumb story.  

Goes back to the 7th grade when our lit class was reading some poem about a ship captain searching for his lost love or something.  The boat in the story was a schooner and my friend thought that word was funny so she decided to start calling me schooner.  Didn't like the nickname at all at the time but people repeated it so often that it stuck, and eventually shortened to Schoon.  Now i use it as a username cause i'm too unimaginative to think of anything better

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i tried to make it as 11 year oldy as possible


you play call of duty? good because i've fucked your mom

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