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uniqlo debate thread


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I work at the Uniqlo in SF...

Today a lady with a heavy japanese accent approached me with a huge smile on her face. She waved her hand around the store while giggling a little and asked if we carried the same stock as Japan. She said she was from japan but lives in Canada now and hasnt been in a Uniqlo in a few years. She literally started laughing hysterically, near tears, and just grabbed some neon yellow pants nearby and was like "was it this?" She then continued saying how much its changed, in a bad way, while laughing til her eyes were red. Then said thank you and left.... idk how relative this story is..

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Had to sit through an uncomfortable lunch yesterday with a friend's friend who was draped in head-to-toe Uniqlo and hear about "the fashunz of Uniqlo" and "dat Uniqlo lyf" while pretending to not know anything about clothes.

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They fit small, on the other hand I like them.

I think the recycled socks are more practical than the shirts

Also, Uniqlo seamless boxer briefs are rly good. You can't see them through your pants if ur pants are tight

good long underwear/leggings too for cheap. got on a pair of waffle heattech long johns right now under my jeans and im nice n toasty

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