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waywt caption edition


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Fucking Baeyer and your pedophilia.
he's projecting, one can only surmise.
How did you find out? I didn't think SuFu did background checks?
i appreciate english is probably your second or third language, so I'll just post this helpful link for you.


I appreciate that you failed to notice we're on the internet. One can only surmise that your ability to interpret sarcasm has thereby been reduced.

edit: Just incase it is not already beyond obvious; I am not a pedophile, I have never been a pedophile, I have no intention of ever becoming a pedophile. Clearly my attempt at a joke in poor taste went over your head.

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I stand by my ill-coloured pedo WAYWT captions. Most people found these to be funny, judging by the positive feedback. It seems that some newer members are unable to identify a joke when they see one, hence the public statement.

(I'm really just trying to avoid having the police kick my door in. I think the Stolen thread has shown us all how serious an internet joke can become.)

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