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If, as some have said, there is not difference between selvage and non-selvage denim...


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i just wanted to make a note on the 'value added' concept. When a company pleases a consumers taste with a certain feature such as: natural indigo, selvage denim, unique washes, those features add value and in turn will cause the consumer to seek out what they like. This will result in higher prices for scarce and/or high demand products. That is why some "fashionable" people pay retarded prices for stuff like true religion...

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i like the superdenim book idea! but it would be a whole bible, and can you imagine the cost getting all that denim and wearing it in so hard?

also, what denim companies like to say about cuffing your selvedge to show off is such utter irrelevance, because really the number of people who care is just so little.

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