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Supreme 2010 F/W


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got my olive camp cap after camo sold out, made my choice easier.

now i gotta wait for VSOP 5panel and quilted puffy jacket and im done for a/w unless theres some really good collabs coming up.

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can anyone help with the size of the duffle bag? on the sale site it looks relatively small, but on the preview it looks relly large. I am lookin for an every day bag, not one for hockey equipment and dead bodies. can anyone post a pic for size reference?

from vision, I would say its a perfect sized weekend bag. medium sized (but not japanese medium sized, as ive dealt with previously) notably smaller than your average duffle, but big enough to handle a day or two worth of necessities.

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you gonna be able to resist that camo work jacket? :)

haha yeah there's a better looking carhartt one i've been eyeing, not like i need any more jackets tho:o


Vans; digging the grey cabs

grey halfcabs = rockport steez

these vans hit my two turnoffs - "gum" which is just an ugly brown and bball-type material blocking. i could see ms ready going for the red old skools though, she's been gunning for my barbees lately

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Really not sure why they used a grey sole on the maroon low skools instead of the gum... Woulda looked much better.

they're all gum, including the maroon

the half cab colorways sorta harken back to ones they did back in the 90's.

i like the look of the old skools but more just how they look sitting there...not really the sort of thing i'd want to rock

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