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  2. For 3L yes, and it doesn't remove all of it. It can reduce it but it's still there. For 2L, no. True, that is 100% Acronym's fault for shoddy worksmanship but as far as sweat stains go... at the price point and rarity we're dealing with, you would think the jackets would be impenetrable to stains since they're Gore-Tex Pro Deluxe Plus Ultra
  3. sorry i double posted.
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  5. Wow @Broark nice score! Shame the AUS Levis site has no LVC on it
  6. Not really the same thing. That’s the fault of the backer and not much can be done to prevent it. In his case (and many more these past couple seasons it seems) there are things that just shouldn’t have gotten passed the QA process.
  7. left field, ooe, new balance
  8. Sent my payment too! Does anyone know what happens next?
  9. Ink clothing sold out in-store. "Hi sorry they are all sold out in 2 hours after Arrived To our store. Thank you從我的 iPhone 傳送"
  10. dude same LOL that description was spot on for me as well. IC/ WTT p23-s Black/ Small, i-just-put-it-on-and-took-it-off-immediately/ condition. It is wayyy too big for me. Maybe for a p10 variation in a small green or black, any servicable condition. trades only
  11. Could they actually be removed? I'm curious, had some stains on an old veilance jacket but I never got them off.
  12. I just had a Levi's ad on my instagram feed for various LVC models saying 30% off and free shipping using code FRIEND30. Not sure if USA only or what, been reading about a lot of people wanting to make purchases lately.
  13. Just like the sweat stains on your precious $1500+ Gore-Tex jacket that are incredibly difficult to remove (3 days prep time)
  14. Should have mentioned i found the interior cell phone pocket in the left hand pocket so i found 6/8, but i guess i was expecting a more defined space for the other two pockets.
  15. Iron Heart IHSH-179. Real McCoy's loopwheeled tee. Ooe Yofukuten 1702XX. Viberg Boondockers.
  16. Just got my 1976's in the mail yesterday, throwing them in the machine now. The denim is nice and hairy, also a nice light shade a blue. I'll take some fit pics when they're dry, hope they don't shrink up too much. All in all can't complain for $80 shipped.
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  18. square-tails shirt triptych
  19. if you're suggesting what i think you are, this doesn't really do much.
  20. murkudis didn't get dropped. they just didn't buy anything from the first release.
  21. Those are awesome, I thought about getting a pair but talked myself out of it. Rather, my girlfriend thought they looked like too much for my style. But very cool indeed.
  22. They weren't the only local retailer. Andreas Murkudis also stocked ACR, although @henrisan says they also got dropped?
  23. Yeah I think those are the "deep" pockets or whatever they're called. SS17 ACG cargos have em too. Try the front of your left pocket. There should be another pocket exactly like the phone pocket on outside right leg. At least that's what I discovered on my p23ts
  24. I know it's virtually impossible (and expensive as hell) but I would like to see the Nomad be done in Shell Cordovan. I have dreams.
  25. p23-s first impressions; waist felt comically large but cinched down as intended, fit afterward was similar to acr fit pics (ie straps down to my knees). Only thing that felt a little off was that i felt like the cuff didn't have much separation from the pant leg, but it looks like if the cuff is stacked a little bit and not pulling down the pant it gets that look. Also, spec sheet lists 8 pockets? Is the goofy little corner thing in the front hand pockets considered a separate internal pocket?
  26. WTB - Foley Folk size 12
  27. If it was Rebuild by Needles, it would be a neat find but I agree with you there. Was it just a seam or did you note any actual fabric tear?
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