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Superculture is one of the most diverse areas in Supertalk. Because of the range of topics, it can sometimes be difficult to find the appropriate thread in which to post. In an effort to keep the forum as clean as possible, I thought it might be helpful to give people somewhere to ask questions without derailing other threads or starting threads that are not required.

Remember: there are no stupid questions.

Actually there are - but this gives them somewhere to go. Fire away.

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can anyone recommend me a good record player for my vinyls? dad took my old one to his new house so I don't have one anymore :(

I'm not sure what your budget is, but I'd get a Rega turntable. Easy set up, amazing sound, and they will last forever (I own a Rega Planar 25):

Rega P1 - $400


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help me with what speakers to buy

im tryna get some computer speakers, but i would like them to double up as party speakers. quality sound. bass. and loud.

i narrowed down to

m-audio studiophile av 40 and logitech z-3000


get a pair of monitors, they'll last forever and will sound 100x better (especially at louder volumes) than any 2.1 set of computer speakers

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Im trying to print a full color lithograph using polyester (pronto) plates using InDesign. I had a hard time getting the plates printed on the B/W laser printer at school. I would manual load the sheets (11"x17") instead of letting them getting tray-fed, but even doing it this way, Im getting smeared lines across my image area where the toner couldnt adhere to the sheet before getting pulled through the rest of the printer.

So my next plan was to take the separations to Kinkos, but now I have to make the separations myself instead of letting InDesign handle them, right? So if I have to make them myself should I...

1. Be using Photoshop to change each color to bitmap and then saving as a PDF?

2. What should my line screen be set to?

3. And what should my printing angles be?

...anyone who helps, thanks!

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try using a laser vellum like this...


there a ton of them available.

Also EPSON makes a whole series of inkjet printers that do

a great job of printing dark toner (ink) that creates great screens.

I use an old HP Laserjet 5000 to makes perfect seps. It may be that

the laserprinter you are using isn't able to print toner on vellum effectively.

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Is there an existing furniture / interior design thread? I know there's the "your room, your house" one, but looking for one more dedicated to custom/unique furniture...before I start one...

Edit: scratch that, the your house thread is actually pretty good. Didn't take much time to pre-read through it...

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i didn't want to clutter up to the Classical Music thread...

can someone please ID the song(s) in this junya fw 2008 video?

me and my gf are stumped. she had it transcribed to piano too! but we don't know what this song is?


i know that youtube says that the last song is: Lucienne Boyer - Parlez-Moi D'Amour

just wondering what is playing up until 4:45 in the video

any help appreciated, will +rep for your assistance!

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