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  1. TransparentCranium

    High Quality Blank T-shirts, not AA

    i just bought one of these, https://www.welcomestranger.com/4069-8-oz-bison-tee.html
  2. TransparentCranium

    Recent Purchases

  3. TransparentCranium

    TORONTO Meetup

    I get everything done at studio kim, crotch darning too.
  4. TransparentCranium

    Perfecto Jackets

    I need a good lamb leather jacket for my GF. Any recommendations. She likes my TOJ one but would prefer lamb leather.
  5. TransparentCranium

    small questions thread (use before making a new thread!)

    Anyone know where to buy some well fitting moleskin trousers, and or molekins 5 pocket?
  6. TransparentCranium

    TORONTO Meetup

    people i work with are opening up a new spot to replace the one that got shut down last month. pm for info
  7. TransparentCranium

    the "less obvious chicks you dig" thread

  8. TransparentCranium

    video games ruined my life

    never really could get into CS. Though I own the orange box and have it somewhere but could never really get into HL either.
  9. TransparentCranium

    video games ruined my life

    Ok I'm a big gamer as well. Right now I'm doing my first run through of Dragon Age II. Gonna play both bf3 and MW3 when they drop. Need something to play after that though, i have a ton of games I haven't touched so someone recommend me something (Ive got DS 3DS, PC, Wii to choose from) these are the games i've got most of them i haven't touched yet:
  10. TransparentCranium

    Shooting people in the face saved my life

    4.8ghz i7 6990+6970 trifire catalyst 11.10 installed. I've never been more prepared for a game in my life hahaha. Bring it on.
  11. TransparentCranium

    video games ruined my life

    who's gonna be playing bf3/mw3 on pc?
  12. TransparentCranium

    The Android Cell Phone Thread

    just got a motorolo xt860 (droid3) after leaving my galaxys on the subway. big phone but damn it's nice.
  13. TransparentCranium

    small questions thread (use before making a new thread!)

    fuck i've lost the picture again, and i want it. anyone have link to a picture of the royal academy of fine arts show with the gold full arm armor.
  14. TransparentCranium

    video games ruined my life

    Ive never even play a castlevania game that wasn't for gameboy advance/wii. (I'm working my way through Portrait of Ruin now) I have popped the nes ones into emulators from time to time but without the exploration aspect they just never hooked me. 3d castlevania is different, but damn if this game doesn't look awesome.
  15. TransparentCranium

    video games ruined my life

    playing castlevania lords of shadow. big fan of 2d castlevania games, this isn't anything like them but it seems good so far.