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Legit check on evisu jeans please?


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Looking to buy some evisu jeans from someone. They have told me the jeans are from about 10 years ago. The lot number on the back of the label is 02x80.

Just wanna check if you all think this is a legit pair or a fake.




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i'd say im 90% sure they are authentic, the leather tag makes me doubt a bit, but they are probably an early european model and they may have used different leather and ink colour on the back tag on that model or year

--- Original message by Egpt on Feb 20, 2006 02:40 PM

The Selvage looked fine to me. Just a little bit folded over, probably because of how it's been stored or somehting.
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yeah, i'v seen fake evisu jeans made in hong kong that have real selvage and one of the give aways is how awkward the selvage becomes kinda folded in the middle of the leg, and i thought that may be the case, i guess not ^^. i just wasnt really familiar with those colour tones on the leather tag

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