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Guest Phrost

Ceara Lynch

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She's one of those e-dominatrixes that humiliates guys over the web, right? These girls are getting more popular, and so are the hordes of clueless onlookers.

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theres some dope bitches being submissive videos on the TNA channel

delilah strong is the best looking one, unfortunately she does not go through the most humiliating process of them all. Although her hanging upside down getting deep throated and slapped around part is pretty cool

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i think theres a difference btwn being submissive and being humiliated. humiliating a girl doesnt turn me on at all.

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well the vids are titled sex and submission

go figure

the attraction of a submissive woman tends to be the premise that she is open to anything you want to project on her, and more often than not it involves things that are at best containing a degree of degradation. that's the whole point of dominance, you don't just kiss her gently on the neck and whisper in her ear, you raw meat that shit

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God, I remember reading that article in Vice a while ago (+ - 1 yr?). Some crazy shit going on. I didn't believe it at first, but now...uuggghh...

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Guest Phrost

partial excerpt of a chat with loser who mistakenly pastes his cc in chat

entire chat here where she posts

her myspace

nfscheats: 4510563344563318

nfscheats: shit wrong screen

nfscheats: just delete that please

Ceara Lynch: haha is that your cc number?

nfscheats: no

Ceara Lynch: yeah i think it is

nfscheats: it's not

Ceara Lynch: okay so you wont mind if i save it then

nfscheats: just remove it from your history

Ceara Lynch: why?

nfscheats: do i have to have an explaination for everything??

nfscheats: i just dont want any problems

Ceara Lynch: because its your cc number?

nfscheats: not really

nfscheats: it doesnt have the expiry

Ceara Lynch: haha so it is!

Ceara Lynch: HILARIOUS

nfscheats: shut up

Ceara Lynch: *saves*

nfscheats: why must you keep doing this to me??? FUCK

Ceara Lynch: god you're funny

Ceara Lynch: okay

Ceara Lynch: here's the deal.

nfscheats: that's one thing i dont want you to have

nfscheats: just please remove it

Ceara Lynch: No, i'm saving it

nfscheats: i dont deal with lynches

nfscheats: if you made a mistake i would fulfill with you

Ceara Lynch: you would fullfill with me?

nfscheats: you know what i mean..

Ceara Lynch: no, i dont

nfscheats: you really know how to get on peoples back and tear them apart

nfscheats: i dont deserve this!!! i didnt even ask for it

Ceara Lynch: yeah, but if you would shut up for a second, i was about to tell you something nice

Ceara Lynch: I'm refunding your chump change, because I've seriously been entertained tourmenting you

Ceara Lynch: you're so easy to upset, it's unbelievable

nfscheats: it was supposed to be pasted into my purchase

nfscheats: not this stupid window

Ceara Lynch: But now its mine! oh the irony

nfscheats: now i have a chance of losing my job

nfscheats: i mean

nfscheats: just erase it, seriously.

nfscheats: you've put me through enough and you know it

Ceara Lynch: nah, i just sent back your $20, but I'm definitely keeping your CC number

nfscheats: oh come on

nfscheats: cant we forget this whole talk

nfscheats: just delete the history

nfscheats: that is worth more to me than any webcam show

Ceara Lynch: i dont want to forget about this talk, i love this talk

nfscheats: im going to flip

Ceara Lynch: YAY!

nfscheats: cant you show any passion

nfscheats: i made an honest mistake

Ceara Lynch: yeah, a couple

nfscheats: i have no idea why i pressed enter after pasting

nfscheats: im dumb and you rule, is that all you wanted to hear?

Ceara Lynch: maybe you secretly WANTED to give it to me

nfscheats: haha

Ceara Lynch: no

nfscheats: i beg you to remove it

Ceara Lynch: nah

nfscheats: ceara this isnt funny anymore

nfscheats: and the fact you could use it against me any time you feel

nfscheats: why do you get off at this?

Ceara Lynch: I'm rubbing my hands together and laughing cruelly right now

nfscheats: oh my god

nfscheats: im about to piss myself

nfscheats: and you're fuckin laughing

Ceara Lynch: ironic, isnt it?

Ceara Lynch: 4510563344563318 !

nfscheats: STOP PASTING IT!!

Ceara Lynch: 4510563344563318

Ceara Lynch: 4510563344563318

Ceara Lynch: 4510563344563318

nfscheats: ceara

Ceara Lynch: 4510563344563318

Ceara Lynch: 4510563344563318!!

nfscheats: fuck

nfscheats: call it quits please

Ceara Lynch: i thought you won?

Ceara Lynch: hahaha

nfscheats: youre really hurting me tho

nfscheats: i was trying to play you - it didnt seem to work very well

Ceara Lynch: yeah guess not

nfscheats: you must allow for some sacrifice

nfscheats: how did you get my cc number so fast?

nfscheats: it's not in another file is it?

Ceara Lynch: um, because I have it saved

nfscheats: i thought it was only in your history

Ceara Lynch: it is

Ceara Lynch: and on this paper next to me

Ceara Lynch: and saved on a word document

nfscheats: paper???

nfscheats: whahhhhat

Ceara Lynch: yeah, i wrote it down, obviously

nfscheats: why is it so obvious

Ceara Lynch: because i just told you

nfscheats: do you really want me to just cry

Ceara Lynch: i could care less either way'

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