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What are you driving today?


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Teaser of the new car:


Its going in for paint/body work and to get new fender flares built next week. I got it as part of a trade for this car which I really miss:


This is my daily driver that I'll be selling to afford my college tuition:


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Nice car Topic!

My baby gets some new shoes soon and then i'll post some pics.

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can't see. anyone else having image load problems on here? or on photobucket?
yes me too :(

ETA - sorry for off topic post ^ so I'll contribute :o I have a 2008 civic hybrid and I love it. it's small but really roomy inside and it gets 48 miles per gallon! (I traded in my old civic last year to a Honda dealership and it ended up going 60% toward the cost of this new one so that made it attainable for me to get.) :) will post a pic soon

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