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Selegna presents: PULLIN' CARDS.. VOL.1 Triumvir3?


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So im going to take a crack at giving sufu some life/substance and have some fun blasting fools. im going to do this every once in a while just because. if you dont like it fuck you.

first up.. TRIUMVIR3

How you gonna start off like this...


i hate the hundreds.. but come on thats a rip. bape rips.. whats that some sort of green apple rip (that was in at the time)


thrasher rip (i know you fucks dont skate) and some nintendo game lookin fool with a bag of bloody tampons and the infamous mandana around the neck. wow.


are you serious..?



this is your roots... we still remember nike talk homies.


t-bone for supreme crazy photoshoot ripoff style.

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and now they trying to roll like this...


1)white dude? smoking out of nostrils? what is that like a tool shed for his hot rods? SWEET.

2)whats that you're reading? maybe the latest philosophy mag? getting new ideas yeah?

3) natural makeup? saggy boobs? leftover fabric from the lumberjack shorts? dirty chucks..? so cutting edge.. so hot.


still mad gay.. faux-hawk model boy... haaa.


fuck my clique? sorry i dont have one.. and wheres the 3 on the name now? hmm.






we get it.. you like supreme A LOT.


oh you went to commissary costa mesa and saw bounty hunter too huh? you likes?

in conclusion.. these OC koolguys guys started off painting dunks on niketalk, landed some oddball atmos colab (who fell off ever since that af1 back in the day), did a few magic shows, bit a few other lame streetwear brands, and now think they have fee reign to just rip off japanese labels they think are 'darker' because neon green and pink cartoon bape aint 'in' anymore. And supreme because.. we'll they're supreme. who doesnt bite them.

am i hating? no i hate everyone, this is a PUBLIC SERVICE.

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yeah that worked.

I think that 'fuck your clique' tee was a hundreds diss. I can't remember why or why I knew this. I used to like their sneakers, they made some clockwork orange ones I think.

Someone on here gets free shit, never seen anyone wear it though.

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I fully support this new series of threads. Speed on before you get peed on.

Triumvir3, fuck man, king of the niketalk.com brands. In certain respects this thread isn't even necessary... this brand is a long-running joke in the "streetwearz" industry beginning from their bape-camo stormtrooper and "baby mao" rips to their current bastard-child-of-supreme-and-neighborhood incarnation... I don't think they've done anything original.

Their blog is standard coolguy material (with the addition of HILARIOUSLY LATE-PASS MEMES: Wow, did you just post last year's "Where brooklyn at" rapping hitler youtube last week, dude?). They're like friends with one 7/10 flippino chick and constantly post about how all the dudes "dressed like it's 2000" (what, you mean in old triumvir3 stormtrooper tees?) jock her.

Their stocklist is "being updated" ostensibly so they don't have to reveal to the world that only C-Tier shops that can't get any other accounts are the only ones that carry them.

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