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dude, that kraftwerk sweater is fucking DOPE. also who did the jacket? it looks pretty ok

nevermind it looks like mishka? i think

was thinking that the kraftwerk sweat was dope as well, but i don't think it's kraftwerk. who's faces it b?

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God, how amazing are some of the revolve models?

Just needed to get this du on the new page

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realmyth, why do you insist on trying to make this look work? You've wasted so much money in pursuit of a style you will never be able to emulate. u cant tell me that doesnt look goofy as fuck on you. I commend you on your tenacity, but I think its time you gave it a rest and find another way to go.

On second thought, t-shirt and jeans dont work either


I dunno, maybe just wear a suit or something.

hmmm, i didnt check in this thread often. but you could expect to occasinally get my response. to be honest, i couldnt care less about comments like this from ppl like you. hehe. But, i do admire your being able to keep shitting on others outfits with your own "great" style/taste. i wish i could be of the same kind of ppl as you so i might have less pressure/worries.

keep posting, you know you like your own style. live in your own world where you have better taste then anyone else. it is good for you. simple life.


1). i didnt bother to search for your posts. but tbh i dont remember any. i only remember someone fat bought a RO sheer top in size L or XL from me a while back.

2). next time when you post sth regarding me that you want me to read, pm me?

3). thank you for the laugh.

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