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  1. you can zip into different sizes and it works fine. i zip my j58 medium into a j53 small and it works fine. the j53 neck zip is slightly longer than the j58's.
  2. you make me want to buy the j56 now
  3. was able to snag a j58-ws even though i told myself i wasn't going to get it. anyone have theirs on hand and has a verdict on it?
  4. great write up on the j53; glad you got it and enjoy it! i really like it too [have yet to wear it yet - ha]. carlooa - what size did you end up going with? i typically take a M or sometimes a S and opted for a S. the silhouette and the techsys webbing did it for me when i decided to pull the trigger. agreed that more pockets would've been ideal, but probably would have cluttered the entire piece. and ditto on the j58. do the outlier mods work well with the techsys webbing? feel like going full acr on the attachments would break the bank and opting for something like the outlier mods or bagjack makes more economical sense plus looks generally acr-esque.
  5. i own the j46 from last season and it's great. i handled this fw's version and the hand felt different, seemed glossier and less "sturdy" if that makes sense.
  6. i only tried on the j50-ws from last fw and the medium was pretty fitted on me and i'm usually an M [5'9" and ~155lbs]. i definitely would not have sized down to a S, but the L could have worked too. almost had that jacket, but when i ordered it the shop shipped the wrong item and the jacket was sent to someone else :/
  7. When I first saw the j53 via initial photos I was thought it was cool but didn't seem to be a must have (I also didn't know it was supposed to have a hood). When I tried it on I really liked it and some of the details like you mentioned such as the main zipper didn't personally bother me because of the way I would wear it e.g. Snapping a button or two on the placket which is how I wear the j47a and j43a; I never use the zip. I ordered the j53 just now in a small and hope that it fits the way I want it to haha [originally tried on a medium]
  8. also, this site seems to have a lot of the fw16/17 photos: http://www.thedropdate.com/news/acronym-fw-1617-collection also, what's this attachment on the p23's?
  9. i'm hearing no bags this season and also next season
  10. For those who own the j53ts-gt can you provide your thoughts? Told myself not to get it but very tempted now.
  11. p23ts-s's dropped.
  12. i have the p23-s and j43a-gt arriving tomorrow. what about the jacket is awesome? i'm eager to handle it in person.
  13. j43-a will likely be ~$1500+
  14. yep, retail prices are not friendly.
  15. acrnm fw will not be wallet friendly