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mike lowrey

transaction problems and disputes

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beware of scammer SUFU username : bill82

His paypal is [email protected]

Seller name on paypal : Jatunon Meephol. he's from thailand.


i bought visvim tabis from this guy. he sent over an envelope with some shit in it that wasn't shoes. he had tracking but i had a bad feeling cause he said he was shipping from canada, but then i got the tracking and it was coming from thailand. avoid this ugly ass.

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gutpocho scammed me on grailed!




1) We've agreed upon a trade: Ann D shoes + Damir Doma coat + 280 USD from my side for his CCP purple boots and CCP blazer on Aug 20 approximately.

2) I've shipped the items and paid. 

3) He lied that he shipped and promised to send me the tracking later but never reverted and ignored all my messages.


Now he sells the same items here on SuFu - THIS BUSTARD HAS JUST DELETED ALL THE STUFF!!! 



Here the bustard confirms he still has the boots, though they are supposed to be sent to me for a week already:



Here are the all the pics from the link in the post - you may see that the boots are very same as on grailed (please see the picture below):




Here is the cached copy of his listing on grailed




It seems that the guy is an old user here - so can somebody help me get the details of this person? Or in case you know him personally and can help me resolve the problem I will be very generous!


Any help will be appreciated. We need to get this fucker punished!

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ware of web scammer "Grailed"

I bought yeezy boots 350  price 650 usd from grailed

and 750s  price $700 usd  

His user name on grailed is avarice and zeus x hades his paypal account is   [email protected] and [email protected] . them said authentic sneaker but them fake

After that, I gave him 0 point feed back on the grailed and put description about his scam and also try to report his post on the grailed but Grailed Admin has blocked me from the grailed and revised his user feedback to 5.0 point. It's mean he has may some relationship with Grailed Admin or something like that. This make grailed un-trust and you have to beware next time when you buy/sell something on grailed because scam admin make this site un-trust.

i open dispute by paypal but paypal blocking my account because i open dispute more than 5 time in grailed website because  i was cheated  from grailed website more than 5 time
and i were settled by paypal defeated two cases.

I go to adidas office  because i want evidence from adidas office but adidas can't help '' them said If the purchase from a store that does not have the right to sell such products officail luisaviaroma ln-cc forward by forward brand owners can not get a legit check.

and you will lose all dispute if you purchase item and you get fake item from grailed website

i have selling rick owens ramone in website and jake bought it and him send
low offer to me  , i not understand him money not enough ?

please avoid trading in this website if you want to safe.


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Remember this thread is for transaction problems on Superfuture - not Grailed. If the member in question scammed you on Grailed and also has an account on Superfuture then by all means post but otherwise keep it to Superfuture members only.

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