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A Denim Curiosity


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So. I'm pretty much new here - just been lurking, mostly. Not looking to ruffle any feathers here, but I didn't see a topic already started that fit.

Anyway, I was getting awfully fed up with my levis 511 - the rise is fucking miserably low, denim is uber-shitty, etc. They look pretty good on me, though, and with no other pairs of jeans I even want to wear anymore (thanks, superdenim) and no money to get me a nice pair, I decided to make them my own.

I pulled off the levis paper tag and arctuate stitching, and, inspired my the original Evis homage back pockets, I got some screen printing ink and traced over the arctuate. I made my own ghetto tag from some canvas and sewed it on. I'm pretty happy with the results:


Here's a close-up of the tag, simple as can be:


and here's how they look:


You can really see the difference in the honeycombs where they came pre-starched, but even though the combs look whack I can still say I made them myself.

Any thoughts?

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the patch is nice and understated. reminiscent of 5ep's patch (less is more philosophy)

not feeling the arcs that much, seems like an odd evisu x diesel collab. the best painted pocket imo is the sammy s3000vx (below).

all in all though, A for effort.


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It's interesting: the patch I made is almost exactly the same size as the original levi's patch, but mine does look much bigger. My guess is it's because of the white color. It dosen't look so big under a belt, which I'm always wearing. I was thinking i might do the same thing to a pair of old-school Wranglers I have, too.

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That pair of jeans isn't my thing but you do have some nice modifications going on. The patch is a neat touch; makes me wonder what else you could make a patch out of. The arcs are okay, but i think you got something with painting them on. I'd like to see what you do on the wranglers. I think the simulated stitching, like on the sams, looks neat.

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