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Loomstate Denim Question


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I purchased a pair of loomstate genus from barneys about 3 weeks ago. They are marked as a 29 but have gradually stretched. I would say the waist is now a 31 and there is too much room in the leg and thigh for my liking. Will a warm soak shrink them back? I switched from sevens and diesel to raw denim about 2-3 months ago so I have not yet washed or soaked any of my jeans.

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Are they raw or just dark?

I would try to exchange them for a smaller size if possible...but a warm soak followed by a hot dry will shrink these jeans to pretty much as small as they get (how they were when you bought them). Because of stretch most people recommend that you size down when buying raw denim.

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they're raw. i don't have the receipt but i did pay for them with my debit card. I was thinking about selling them, but returning them does sound like a good idea. I know they allow returns for up to 30 days. Do you think that if I turn them inside out and iron out the creases they will return them?



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