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Help! Is there a tailor in the Chi, SF, Seattle?


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Summer is here and I am trying to move to Africa, but my rag and bones badly need mending. I don't have the cash for a new pair of Skulls or Samurai before I go so I need to find a competant repair artist. This is not the kind of thing I wanna leave to am's. I need to replace one of the pockets and mend a 1" sq. hole from my cell. Maybe a little crotch reinforcing too this biking has been maybe a little too much for them.

I will be in the above cities this month. Any SF suggestions?

I'll post pics tomorrow if anyone is interested.

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when you;re in Seattle, check out Kuhlman on 1st and Wall (not sure the cross street...)

i've taken all my stuff there to get tailored and they do a great job everytime. They got some great jeans in there too, KMW's, Lee's, etc. They have a great specific tailoring section.

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