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spec me some jeans!


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Hiya :)

I'm new here, kindly let me know if I do anything wrong or sound stupid!

I was hoping you knowledgable denim experts could suggest me a nice new pair of jeans.

I like slim jeans (not super-skinny) and I like a low rise, because I like my jeans to sit quite low. I currently have a pair of these jeans: http://www.ebtm.com/invt/5461948

I like 'em a lot but I'd like a new pair of jeans that are blue or whatever you call the traditional denim colour, but in a similar fit.

Looking forward to trawling through your suggestions (hopefully :)).

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Slim Jims, might work well, or a pair of Even Stevens. Ill second the vote on the APC new standards quality is good and the price isn't bad either. If you've got dough drop some john bull sewing chops, there a lil looser in the thigh, might work better for you.

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if you're looking for a slim jean with a lower rise, go for some ande whall grifters, or, if you're ok with spending upwards of $250, a pair of somet straights.

the bootcut ola would be a nice fit if you're ok with a bit of a flare, but they're very difficult to fade.

new standards are great, but they're nowhere near "low rise;" same goes for the SD103.

sorahikos are - no offense - probably a little out of your league if you're looking for your first pair of nicer denim.

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The nudie slim jims seems like what he is asking for. They have a 9 (more or less) inch rise and are slim. The other jeans like the NS are high. The sorahiko are also not very slim, but i have the regular onces not the slim. The slim, i heard, are not much slimer either.

ANother pair of jeans that would be great is the Low rise slim or bootcut RRL jeans that are sold on ebay for $50 +/-. Those are a GREAT deal.

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