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I needs me a Starmie.

I got to get a new crew together all I'm final on right now is a Starmie (Rapid Spinner) and a CB Salamence as a starter, maybe Zapdos. Still deciding on the rest.

Might just go baton pass, though.

This game is the ultimate time killer, spend way too much spare time on it.

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The GTS trading system is pretty lame if you're doing the searching. But i've gotten some suprising pokemon from depositing. I deposited a magikarp and someone gave me a piplup.

If you want to do the better wifi trading, go to the www.gamefaqs.com pokemon diamond trading board and you can find a million threads a minute about people looking for and trading pokemon. I have been breeding some that i can trade for other pokemon lately.

Aug - 3995 3020 5434

I have all the d/p starters and few other d/p rare pokemon. I findly traded someone for a ditto so i was breeding some others. Hatching eggs is a bitch though. PM me if anyone wants to trade some stuff. I have a decent amount from d/p. I only have a few from the 1st gen

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I finally have all 8 badges. Probably going to beat the Elite Four sometime this week. My team (from memory)

Kadabra lvl 60

Dialga lvl 49

Torterra lvl 35

Infernape lvl 50

Empoleon lvl 40

Staraptor lvl 34

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I'm pretty sure there isn't a difference between the hacked and normal pokemon. I think there's some glitch that allows you to duplicate pokemon, and a lot of people are trading those off instead of hunting around for breeding partners. I've been getting a lot of good trades from the Japan area lately.

Grinding is such a bitch in this game, otherwise I'd battle online.

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Most of it isn't hacked. You can breed pokemon and get whatever the fuck you want. That said, i got tired of the game after i beat it and got the legendaries. I should just give away all my rares or something since i doubt i'm going to play again.

Too bad i can't trade em' for clothes.

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