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Portuguese buying service


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Bump. Hey, is this service still available? And do you ship live animals? I am looking for a Portugeuse water dog.

Service will be available until 22nd of september when i leave Portugal yet again. portuguese water dog can be shipped, but probably not live. you can choose whether you want it roasted, grilled or fried though

I want köp 15kg of salted cod & a 1 dozen egg tarts plz thx bai

believe me, you do not want to be the recipient of salted cod, it will get you extremely weird looks at the post office, like you just ordered severed limbs that reek from the internet or something. personal experience. egg tarts can be done

I'll take 4 dozen pasteis de nata from the Casa Pastéis de Belém and a couple boxes worth of rissóis de camarão.

i was actually in that place one month ago. they are still amazing. I appreciate your skills in properly using portuguese linguistic tones. any portuguese background there?

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