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My true fit (30x32) Cheap Monday Tight Unwashed just came in the mail today, but the waist was just a tad too big and I didn't want to risk trying to soak them if they'd just stretch over time :(. So I'm returning them and I just ordered the 28x32 to see if that's better. I forgot to take pictures of the 30x32 before I repackaged them but I'll post pics when the 28x32 come in.

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fit on my cm tight and dry

sized up 2 and 3 months of wear

huh... how did those fit around the waist when you first got those? because i just returned a pair of true size tight and dry because the waist wasn't tight enough. did you soak them to shrink the waist or what? i hope my 28s aren't too small.

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ya they aare supposed to be tight.

ill have updated pics next week .

i plan on giving them a soak soon.

what size are they? and how did they fit when you first bought them? and have they not been soaked or washed yet? sorry for all the questions but they look good. :D

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they used to fit tighter.

and i soaked them once at around 1 month and washed them once around 2 months.

size 28w 32L

werd, that's the size i got, they're on their way. why'd you soak them at one month, to ge them to fit better?

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here's my cheap monday's they're the narrows. I've been wearing them off and on for a while not really sure how much wear i put in but i've been in a few rain storms. They started to feel damp so i gave them a warm soak. here's before:





I never really expected anything from them as far as fading, i got them more for the fit and price. they've faded a bunch in the last week and a half since the soak.

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My Tight Unwashed Italian just got here today. I sized down 1, they're 28x32 and were pretty tough to get into at first but after wearing them for 20 minutes, the waist is more comfortable. the legs are really skinny but that's part of my style. i tried the 30s and could tell the waist was going to be too big after stretching.

here's some pictures (excuse the messiness of the room, it's actually not my room)

Without flash front:


Without flash side:


Flash rear:


Flash front:


I'll post more pictures once they've gotten some wear.

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I'm sure they'll sit lower once they stretch out a bit, but you are wearing those WAY too high right now.

i know i know, and yes they were too tight to wear any lower because those were fresh out of the plastic. i've been wearing them for about 10 hours now and they do sit lower and are much more comfortable.

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i dont know about any hairy hand tag dude they have a gray patch on the back with the skull logo and hands printed on the inside of the pockets. I bought them last january. i know if they had a zip fly i never would've bought them. tight denim and zippers don't work in my opinion, probably why i've been reluctant to buy april 77

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