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Update: I posted a page or two back with pictures of my brand new tight italian unwashed. Just thought I'd post some pictures after i've had them for a month, probly wear them 5/7 days of the week. They've stretched a little bit so I can wear them lower now. Starting to get some fading around the wallet.


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just bought some tight blacks size 31 which is my size in narrows. Love the feel of the denim although I wish i could've gotten a 34 inseam instead of 32. whatevz. Quite a difference in size in comparison to the 30 though, these 31s fit almost loose on the wait and can be easily sagged, tight fit all around but not like april 77 tight.

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on tight od black -- the waxed look happened to me as well due to the seat of my bike. most of it went away upon wash. i do think they shrunk up, lost maybe an inch or more length wise (~33/32inseam now)--fit otherwise is as it was.

...can't be bothered to take pics.heh.

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i just copped first pair last friday in manhattan. got a skinny pair in dark blue. i love the fit, the waist is a little tight but i'll grow into it. they can feel really tight at times but ive worn it since friday so im fitting into them. how long before i should wash, and what are the instructions for washing, drying. i need a hanger for them. but i'm already seeing honeycombs develop.

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