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Bag for university

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hey whats up,

After I spent the first year without a bag sipmly not taking anything with me I'm finally looking for one to buy. I was thing along the lines of smalish duffel/holdall. I dont like to carry bags on my shoulders so I dont want a rucksack or a messenger bag.

I'm willig to spend 100€ so I wouldnt mind if its cheaper - I also might go up to 200€ but in that case I need to really fall in love with the bag :D

please recommend me some bags (:


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The belt actualy does look interesting but i Would like to Able to take an iPad with me on Occasion and im not sure its a good idea to put it in The belt :D

I do have a tote but just like The belt it sucks if it rains :(

I kinda like this one, but its probably to big for my purposes?


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  • Luisa via Roma (US)
    Brand - 125 x 125