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Midnight Marauders

3.1 Phillip Lim F/W 12.13 Paris

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after taking time and watching the runway show a few times now I can change my first opinion of this collection. It is hard to be a fan of every single piece but this is a very good collection from him. The dick belts are wide and long for no other reason than showing off but complement the tall silhouette especially when the sweaters are tucked into those fred astarie trousers. He does a lot from womenswear that flows great into mens such as the tails on the sweaters from last fall/winter.

The translucent toggle, the hidden closure jacket in white with the fasteners, that black and white jumper, the many block camo pieces, and those bags are all very desirable to me at least. Still at the end of the day I feel that this will sell out to his rabid fanbase, leaving folks like me, who wished it was priced even lower, out in the cold.

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