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The Grand is definitely worth a visit!

Try the gloss aswell, which is on Hardstrasse 312 near Escher-Wyss-Platz.

For jeans, evisu and duffer stuff, go to the VMC on Rindermarkt.

For streetwear stuff, try the garage on werdmühleplatz. Next to the garage is the Alprausch flagship store, which isn't too bad neither.

For upscale stuff like y-3, comme des garcons, d-squared try Fidelio on Münzplatz or Nüschelerstrasse or try Trois Pommes.

DINGS just behind the central station stores streetwear such as Zoo York etc.

For girls stuff go to Clou, just behind bahnhofstrasse.

If you stroll down the Niederdorf you'll find heaps of streetwear and sneaker stores, good and bad ones. Pump it up stores aren't bad for sneakers. There are several pump it up shops throughout the city. The newest is just next to the grand.

On the Bahnhofstrasse you'll find all the departement stores and flagship stores (diesel, adidas etc)....


If the weather's good, hang out at the lake, rent a pedalo and cruise around on the lake or go up the uetliberg....if it's bad, check out the many museums


Nightlife :

There are heaps of clubs, you just have to find'em. Either go to Zurich-Westside, there are plenty of lounges/clubs or check out www.usgang.ch and www.tillate.ch for the latest information about zurich-nightlife. If you like electronic-music, there's a bash this saturday at Rohstofflager with M.I.A, the hacker etc.....

And If you're still in Zurich on Monday, there's a soulwax + 2manydj's concert at Mascotte...


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Hey guys,

I am needing some help from you people.. I will be heading to Zurich on Holiday on October. Just wanting to get some info on places to eat, cool places to hang and awesome places to shop. Maybe looking to get myself a nice watch ie Panerai.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated..

One Love!


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For the Urban Outdoor/Techwear amongst you:

Recently discovered a shop called 'KEVIN IN THE WOODS'


Zürich, Switzerland

Got a realy nice collection, brands including:

Mission Workshop
Halo Newline

They've also told me they're getting ISAORA in next month (Which is great because the last ISAORA piece I bought had to be shipped from America)!

You can find their instragram here:


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