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mike lowrey

Damir Doma FW10, Paris

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prior to the show was undoubredly the craziest frenzy during fashion week, never have I seen so many people outside a venue. it was a fashion mob gone wild, people waving their invites, trying to roam their way in through the masses on the small courtyard.

inside wasn't much different, the garage was packed to the last corner. but it was worth it, the show had a great atmosphere, the collection seemed nice and coherent. everything looked like Damir, but to me perhaps a bit more consistent than the previous season. straightforward colour palette, volumous cuts but a in my view executed better than ss.

the previous collection wasn't at all wearable in my book, there literally wasn't anything that I would've really desired in the entire collection (not speaking of runway, but the full line). whether or not this applies to the new collection is hard to say as I haven't viewed it piece by piece, but I will probably get back to this soon. as a runway collection I liked this better, though.

all photos: http://scoute.org/blog/?p=471 (feel free to copy paste here)

few random shots:









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I resolved to stay out of superfashion because no one gained anything from me saying everything was retarded but this is pretty retarded.

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I like this Doma's evolution a lot. It's becoming sort of a space nomad look with an interesting use of volume and proportion, and experimentation in light/heavy fabrics. Childish jokes aside this is one of the most interesting collections of the season, while not completly wearable is 10x better than the remaining derivative crap.

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