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Mont Blanc Starwalker M25606 (08486) Ballpoint Pen Resin


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Hey superfuture. Currently in need of money so I am selling a brand new, never opened mont blanc pen. Received it as a gift from my uncle but I never use it because I don't really need it.

~Pen Specification~

-Brand: Mont Blanc Pens

-Series: Starwalker

-Model #: M25606 Ballpoint Pen

-Pen Name: Resin

-Identification#: 08486

-Writing System: Ballpoint Pen

-Barrel: Black Precious Resin

-Trim: Platinum Plated Fittings

-Clip: Platinum Plated

Serial #: CS1950698







S/O: 150

BIN: 250

Retail is about 300-350 depending on usage or condition.

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its not white. the ending is clear with the star on it. the camera had flash. ill take more pictures just to prove it. and if the tip of the pen is white when you take a picture then its real. also the star at the end is floating and perfectly positioned. also can i get a link to the place where it describes fake ones.

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its real when you take a picture and the end tip is white. in real life when u see its clear and see throught with a floating star perfectly positioned. im pretty sure this is real because i got the serial number, bar code, tags, etc on the box. don't really wanna take the pen out but if i have to i will.

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fyi i took the pen out and looked it from the tip of the pen and real ones show a black background with a white star. mine has it. also real ones have a serial number near the clip of the pen and real serial numbers begin with 2 letters. my serial number is CS1950698 and it is printed near the clip. mine has that too. so where ever u found that guide is stupid. i dont sell fake shit.

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