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Visvim FBT Shakers, Koonings, US11

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Visvim FBT Shakers and Koonings FS, Both are a size US 11 and both have been worn quite alot as is reflected in the asking price. An issue with the fbt's is that my cat decided to take a bite on the leather strap on the back of one of the shoes so it's about 3 cm shorter than it should be, I can include an extra oem visvim leather shoestrap if needed, which is identical to the strap only longer so buyer can exchange it.. The kooning (aka wrinkly dogs) suffers from some discoloration on one of the rubber toacaps, doesn't take away from them imho as they look best scruffed up..

PLEASE NOTE, INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING FOR FOOTWEAR IS £25 GBP, sorry for the high shipping cost, but that is what the swedish post charges me..

Visvim FBT Shakers, SOLD!!2853632852_8d9102298e_o.jpg



Visvim Koonings, one of the first vis models, think I got these in 2003, so a rare classic and a nice twist on the jack purcell, SOLD!!2853632866_566ec14a7e_o.jpg




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