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Quote: you're taking me too seriously too

not really, just don't want to offend you icon_smile_cool.gif

--- Original message by isla maia on Dec 25, 2004 10:52 AM

yeah I sound like a real prick in these boards I know...but in real life I'm actually very chill. No, I'm serious! That's why everyone thinks I'm being very offensive on the boards...they don't know I'm actually not taking anything seriously at all.

Merry Christmas to you.

I hate everything and everyone.

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i know, i've read your previous posts, normally that helps to get a feel of the character who's posting regularly. icon_smile.gif

i wouldn't say you're a ... "prick" ... dickhead, i think you're just being straight forward and blunt, and some have to just take you as you are.

can i ask you something ... what turns you on about clothes? seriously. like why would you choose one type of jeans/denim cut over another, a brand over another? there must be something that appeals to your sense of taste, no? how would you describe your sense of taste?

i'm asking this because superfuture is related somewhat, if i'm not mistaken, to "diesel" and they're into projecting a specific type of image that tends to appeal to a specific persona, who's into dressing and expressing themselves in a particular way, maybe to fit a "tribe"-look, or a self-expression thing.

i always believe there's an art in everything, especially when someone knows what he likes on him and follows fashion or anything creative, art, movies, music, etc.

and peace on earth! amen to that.

baby, we're all beautiful!

--isla maia

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