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loafer socks


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does anyone know anyone ... i don't care if its $1 store socks ... making men's sizes of loafer socks? uniqlo made them last summer, but aren't this year and i used to have some polo ones about 3-4 years ago that they're not making anymore either.

for those that don't know what these are, they're a super low cut sock that stays hidden even under a low-cut shoe. they're more popular with women for dress shoes, hence the picture. these things are the fucking jam. dry feet and no shoe funk without hot legs.


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anything other than a normal length sock irritates me. just go sockless.

Some folks got mad blisters/sweat going on, I'm sure. My feet get pretty banged up if I choose the wrong shoe to go sockless in, so I'm pretty interested in grabbing some of these, too.

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only problem might be with loafers/shoes that have a short vamp.

That's the main problem.

The lowest socks short of loafer socks show on top and at the sides.

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saw the banana republic ones, but shipping is a pisser and the stores don't have them. i'll go for that if i can't find anything else, but in the meantime, bring on some options.

the br in soho had them a few weeks back, upstairs in front of the cash register. don't ask anyone for them since they have no clue.

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I had been looking for a while for these, at one point even going so far as to stuff my pockets with the nylon try-on socks at a department store. Finally found them at Nordstrom. I bought women's loafer socks there. I wear a size 9C normally, and I fit into the outer range of the medium-large loafer socks.

They also had men's loafer socks, but they came in only one size (large). They were much too big for my feet; I think they would fit a size 11 or so.

Anyway, I ended up picking up six pairs of the women's loafer socks. They were $5 a pair. The men's loafer socks were $7.50 a pair.

I think any reputable department store should have them. The brand I got was Hue.

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