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Shrink um after weight loss is finished ?


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So I'm in the middle of dieting . Waist currently is 35.25" and I expect to be a 34 by July considering Ive went from 39.5 to my current size in less than 4 months ..

SO ..

If I buy those oh so sexy Sugarcanes Ive been desiring which are a 34" waist pre-soak and 32" post .. What problem would lie in wearing them raw when I hit 34 - 34.5" and then giving them a soak when I get down to 32-32.5" waist ?

I'm going to keep cutting til I hit 32 though I know that it's gonna go slow after I get to 34 .. very slow .. so 6 months + of wear raw , then a soak/hand wash basically

good idea or fuck off numero ?

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good stuff man :)

re your q though, potentially risky IMO - what if you don't loose the weight you intend to loose? you'll end up with a pair of jeans you can't wash! on the other hand, they stench from 6month-old raws could be a good motivator for losing those extra 2 inches...

I don't really have an answer for you, i guess, but good luck!

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Pandemonium Im still a fuckin fatass .. spare tire yea just much less of one

choice - thing is - - as easy as this much lard came off I know I will have no problemo getting another inch off in 2 months and another 2 inches by the end of the year ..

mkei - either that or motivate me to sell them .. :-|

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