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Selegna don't play that..


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Ok so here's the scoop..

i was supposed to do a trade with rodhall05. ( a random noob w/ a decent ebay history)

My white w)tap authentics for his black w)tap chukka's. (both new)

anyone can see that i am getting the better end of the deal as far as monetary value goes..

but this dude changed up the condition description 3 times (from DS to you can clean the soles) and couldnt even provide pics. and just had a really sketchy vibe all together. (but i still wanted them)

so i did not send them. (yet)

instead i sent him the w)tap keychain along with a letter that pretty much said if you came through with your end.. then i will ship them YOU HAVE MY WORD.

so before he goes around saying that Selegna fucked him.. here's proof that i do have them and my word that i will ship them.


ive bought and sold a bunch of shit on here so yall know im good for it.

sorry kid i had to do it.

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Ok so the kid came through..

They are definitely were not brand new.. but since I'm just gonna use em as everyday bangers, they will work..


Here are his.. im shipping first thing tomorrow.


so rodhall05 you are now officially good in the hood.

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this is rediculis i bought them off litohustla.

i waited all day for the post office today and rushed to get a fucking letter?!

i wanted to have these for the weekend i want next day air for this kind of stunt.

my ebay is fucking oustanding. jhall05 this is the biggest tease ever. i drove 15 miles from school to house just to get these n called the post office 3 times to make sure there in cause they always fuck up somehow.

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well the guy who sold em to me told me they looked DS, i told him where the spots were, when i put em up for sale i didn tlook at them. when i was selling him i broke down what i saw on the shoes.

well if he ships today i wont get it till monday or tuesday.

oh well going to NYC tommrow anyway mabey il pick up a pair of something to hold me over.

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Guest youngteam

i refuse to buy anything from anyone on ebay or sufu or nt or iss or fucking whatever, just because i have an overwhelming fear that people spooge on the stuff they sell. i know it's a possibility because i rub man mustard on all the shit i sell online.

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