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think randall 150's would be to small for the krooked deck?

If you buy the Zip Zinger maybe not. But if you decide on the wider variety or any deck that is not super slim you may regret it. Wider is more versitile. Wheel-bite while carving is like nails on a chalkboard IMO. But if you go with them let me know how it turns out. Post some pics of your setup.

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I like the Zip series because they don't flex like a lot of traditional longboards. They are actually 7ply boards created for transport and pool skating.

I wish I had a spare pair of indy's lying around just so I could hit up some bowls with the thing. Really created to bring the "toy" aspect of skateboarding. A sort of tip of the hat to the simple fun we experienced as kids. I get the impression that simplicity is an undercurrent in most off what Gonzales does, the Zips included.

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heres my old setup one of the sector nine deck with 2 layers fiberglass and 5 of wood it was a good crusier but to long and to much flex for anything besides bombing and carving. it had some randall II 150's and dano's downhills 70mm 78a from daddies boardshop




decided to buy the krooked zip zinger and just put the randall's and wheels on. Going to try it out for a while if it doesn't work out i'm going to get indy's and slighty smaller harder wheels.



So far it seems like its really the perfect setup for me. great for crusing, carving, banks, anything really. taking it to fdr later in the week to see how it handles the park

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