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EDWIN 505X SELVAGE size: 30 x 34 Gorgeous


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Alright, so I bought these from a friend after he wore them for roughly a year. They were dry when he bought them and he wore them better than half the people on this board. The wear marks in these are some of the best I've seen (Check the Honeycombs)

Of course they stretched and shrunk back down to their normal size. The last time I measured them there were 30" x 32"...and the fit is comparable to Nudie RRDS. They've had three washes at 3 month intervals.

So: EDWIN 505X's, 30x32 (30x34 on the tag), Redline Selvage Denim

Selling because they're too big for me and he's working on some Canes.

Asking what I paid $75 shipped. Hit me up on here or PM me if you have anymore questions or offers.

AIM SN: skieveryday119



9313edwinsforsale 001.jpg

176edwinsforsale 002.jpg

5794edwinsforsale 005.jpg

3517edwinsforsale 008.jpg

2097edwinsforsale 011.jpg

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