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Rick Owens side zip combat boots size 41


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Up for sale is a pair of used combat boots i purchased off another member on sufu a few months ago. Unfortunately since i'm at a point in my life where i am travelling between countries quite a bit i have to let go of some of the stuff that is getting less rotation in my closet in order to reduce my luggage weight.

I would say the condition on them is 8/10, they don't really have any major flaws on them, but the heel vibram commando sole is a bit worn in (didn't get to the leather sole and it doesn't affect walking whatsoever) but nothing that an easy resoling won't fix. I bought them like this already and it never really bothered me so i don't think it's an issue.

I paid 240€ for them, i am looking to get 200€ shipping to Europe or 215€ with shipping to the US. Mind that these are quite a bit heavy hence the expensive shipping.

Don't take your time too much making up your mind if you're interested, since after this monday i might not be able to sell them anymore for a few months when i come back to Helsinki.

thank you



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