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Re-Waxing Clarks Desert Boots?

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I've had my beeswax DB's for about a year now and as I'm sure anyone who's owned a pair knows, they tend to lose that waxy texture they came with after a bit of time.

A few folks have told me that it's possible to re-wax them and seeing as winter is coming up I thought it a good idea.

What I'd like to know is whether or not anyone here has an experience with re-waxing. I did a few google searches and have searched these forums as well to no avail.

Would love thoughts/opinions and seeing as this is superfuture, negativity in some form is always expected.

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You should be able to find some Obenaufs Leather Protector, (the jar, solid product, NOT the oil in this case)

Its beeswax based, and I used it, with success, to regain that waxy look that the beeswax DBs come with. (also made the leather feel nicer, and waterproofed)

Technique I used: apply by hand as recommended once, buff out with cloth, then apply again and heat lightly (hairdryer, or ideally, if your clothes dryer has the rack that can be inserted works perfectly) for about 15 minutes. I think the heating of the wax has a lot to do with getting that texture back. Also, use discretion with the heat, we're talking like 50 degrees C here.

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