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"Bunched up" Denim look

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I'm trying to find some denim that has a bunched up fit. I tried on a pair of sz 30, 19 cm diors, and they had the nice bunch up effect behind the knees and at the bottom, but they were entirely too tight.

Basically im trying to find some jeans that are fitting and long enough to have the bunched effect, but not uncomfortably tight like the aformentioned diors. Can anybody reccomend a good jean (besides 21 cm diors, which while they will probably achieve my desired effect, cost way more than im willing to spend right now.

for reference im 5'8 125, and in buying these jeans im keeping in mind that ill probably be gaining the freshman 15 this year (hopefully all muscle haha)


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  • Luisa via Roma (US)
    Brand - 125 x 125