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//// SUPERTALK 2022 ////

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//// Looking for mods and helpers to assist with supertalk.
//// Also let it be known that supertalk is actively looking for proposals for acquisition during 2022, so if anyone is crypto or cashed up and feeling lucky don't be shy with your imminent offers ;-b 

A. Clean up boards. Unpin old threads. Pin selected new ones. Watch for double posts. Merge / Hide / Delete / Posts if necessary. Give warnings to obnoxious members. Ban vexatious dickheads.
B. Update old links. Delete broken links. Etc.
C. Assist with member accounts. Occasional change requests and general enquiries.

Looking for nominations for mods... If we get more than 3 nominations will create a poll in this thread

Honorary position, no $, soft power, ;-0

A. Monitor and flag unauthorized promotions of brands and unauthorized links to websites.
B. Contact infringer and give them the option of:
    A... Having their unauthorized promotion nuked
    B... Paying for their promotion via some form of sponsorship and thereby contributing to the ever inflating server costs and bandwidth of supertalk. 
C. Assist management of all supertalk ad channels [GoogleAdManager/Rakuten/Awin/Kutoku/ etc]. 

Promomod will receive a chunky base % of all revenue earned from any successful conversions, product commissions, or new sponsor signups. 

A. Anyone who wants to curate content. [including links to product feeds via Kutoku/Ssence/Rakuten/Awin]
B. Start up a regular supertalk newsletter... curate / edit / send / manage on mailchimp 
C. Push content and curate a dedicated new social instagram/tiktok accounts... [separate from @superfuture], plus existing pinterest account.

Editor will receive a % of all revenue earned from any successful conversions via editorial channel curation,


A. Must have experience managing IPS message board software.
B. Assist in software upgrades.
C. Recommend and incorporate new features.
D. Make improvements.

Zero budget for this too ;-(


A new team should be managing supertalk going into 2023 [its 20th year] and beyond... so the position of a manager or even a consortium of members to run the entire show is also up for grabs... 

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