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A quick trip to Montreal

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Hey, it's my lady's birthday and I want to take a quick trip up to Montreal. Does anyone know a reasonably priced hip hotel, maybe a good french restaurant and some nice shops for her to look at and of course a few for me to scope? Also some nice bars (sans dancing) for nightlife? Anything you have would be appreciated and used. thanks




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I do not have a clue, but it looks like you have a good handle on the language, so no problems there.

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hotel in Montreal are mad cheap compare to same sized cities in North America. there's a couple of really nice boutique hotel in old montreal or downtown, but they may be a bit expensive. however, you can get a room at like the sheraton,Delta or 4 seasons for probably about 100-150$ per night if you're lucky.just check expedia or travelocity, you should be able to make a good deal. just make sure you hotel is either downtown or in old montreal.

as far as shopping is concerned, Montreal is not that dope, but you should check out St-Laurent street between Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal and also Ste-Catherine Street. there's also some nice boutique on Mont-Royal street and tons of Thrift shop. also check out Hold Renfrew on Sherbrooke . tell me more about what kind of clothes you're looking for and i'll give you more advice about which shop to visit. as far as food go, Montreal is the shit, i really miss the restaurants there. For french restaurant, the top restaurant in Montreal is called Toqué!, is a bit expensive but so fucking good. advance reservation will be necessery. i would really recomand that place for your lady. otherwise, you can check out this site, it's a list of montreal restaurants


the best areas for restaurants are Duluth Street, St-Denis Street and old Montreal. Duluth street is famous for it's "bring your own wine" restaurant. basically, you're allowed to bring your own wine so it bring down the price of your dinner a lot. St-Denis street has tons of nice bistrot and terrace and very good restaurants.

for drinking, one of my favorite place is called Laika[url=" http://www.laikamontreal.com/"] <a href="http://www.laikamontreal.com/" target="_blank">http://www.laikamontreal.com/</a>

it's a cafe that become a lounge at night. they have their own Electronic music label and aways have top djs playing, but there's no dance floor and the atmosphere is pretty relax. there's also the bar at the W hotel that's quite cool. there's also really good terrace like St-Sulpice on st-denis street and le café des éclusiers in old montreal. st-laurent street is the best place to find nice drinking spot, with st-denis street and old montreal having so pretty nice places also. last year, i went out a lot to Times Supper Club, but it's more like a club so i don't know if you're so interrested. and DO NOT GO TO CRESCENT STREET, IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!.

anyway, if you need more detailed info, don't hesitate to ask and enjoy Montreal, it's a really nice city, i miss it much now that i'm living in Tokyo (Tokyo is better but still, always a good feeling for my hometown...)

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