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Bape Sta!

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I definitely think that those are fake, considering that they have just started being bootlegged and those prices are just rediculous for those kicks

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here's the answer to your question dunny:

Questions & Offers between jamesk2o6 (0) and the Seller

Buyer Question: are these shoes authentic or factory variants?

Additional Pictures Requested   Jul 31 21:43PDT

Seller Answer: THe following are Original product and most comes with box but also these are not the Rare Snake Skin or Original Patent Leather Editions that are sold for $300+. Thanks For Inquiring!


Questions & Offers between trinijumpman23 (0) and the Seller

Buyer Question: yo son i really need to know if theese kickz are authentic i will not allow myself to add factory varients to my collection... i think it will screw it up... if they are varients can you cook me up for a good price?   Aug 05 21:59PDT

Seller Answer: Hello, These are not the Original Rare Edition that are sold for $300+ (Those are available also if interested.) but they are very high quality original products and some may even include Footsolider Box also. The lowest price we are available to offer is maybe $105 with free shipping depending on the size ordering, size 12.5 or 13' are $115-$125. Thanks FOr Inquiring! Aug 05 22:41PDT


Questions & Offers between twinhype (1) and the Seller

Buyer Question: Are the shoes authentic? I see that you said that they were original. Is that the same?   Aug 03 10:29PDT

Seller Answer: Hello, AGain, as mention before, most Bape's are sold for $285+, we offer these for alternatives because we are aware that not all can pay $285 for a pair of shoes. If you would like to purchase Bapes with Box and all features (Footsolider Bag, Box Etc.) we recommend the Rare Edition. Thanks FOr Inquiring!


These are so blatently fakes.. who offeres to drop the price to $95 with free shipping on shoes that retail for close o $300 normaly??

Plus he says him self "MOST" come with a box.. huh?? and what the hell are "the Rare Edition" Bapes??? There's no such thing. and none of those colors he offered came in a "rare" Snake skin pattern.. all of the Stas that came with the snake skin texture were totally different colors from what i've seen. And he even calls the shoes "Alternatives"

If a price looks too good to be true that's because it is.

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I have purchased from that seller on ioffer and he does provide tons Bape of shoes but those are not Authentic, even they would tell that, I think it is a company or something but they consider their Bape's high quality customs. But when you purchase and get your product they do provide you with their website were they have both Custom and Authentic Bape's shoes and even clothing which I had no idea Bape made but they do have some Authentic stuff available. Most of the stuff on ebay that are sold for $200 are the same product they sell for $90 because I see a lot of other sellers use their photos. Personally I think Bape's are very overpriced so if you are going to buy Fake editions they are probably the safest sellers to buy from because they do have good quality or you can spend $300 and buy from Vintage Kicks, they are legit as well.

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