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Top 5 Festivals

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This is my list whats yours?

1. Glastonbury - Mud mess and massive mix of tunes, but I am biased being local

2. Bennacism - Spain. Huge line up and a beach, now you don't get that in the UK

3. Sonar - Barcelona- Go there and see, cool as they come

4. Sziget - Budapest - Historic and cheap city that really kicks it off for a whole week in the summer in a sweet location

5. Big Chill - UK - No hassle sweet tunes and beautiful surroundings

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1. Drum Rhythm Festival @ Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam (R.I.P.)

2. Motel Mozaique @ Rotterdam (http://www.motelmozaique.nl/2005/)

3. 5 Days Off @ Amsterdam (http://www.5daysoff.nl/)

4. Robodock @ NDSM, Amsterdam (http://www.robodock.org)

5. Landjuweel @ Ruigoord (http://www.ruigoord.nl/)

Sonar is on my list for next year.

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