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"How To" Post in SuperFashion

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How to Post Collections in Superfashion

Part 1: What is "Superfashion?"

Superfashion is primarily the place to disuss fashion design. Superfashion is here to post new designers, new collections, or information pertaining to the "world of fashion." So ask yourself, does my thread belong in Superfashion? Ask yourself this question and you should find your answer.

Does this belong in Supershopper?

So far, the main confusion about Superfashion has been what goes in here? Consider this in two ways: if your thread involves buying, selling or the location of fashionable items, it's for Supershopper. Secondly, your thread may nominally be about 'fashion,' but consider if it would be more useful in Supershopper. While the new Vans x Japanese Designer collection may be fascinating, it will more likely better serve the thread to be in Supershopper, since the end goal is to purchase these items, not to be inspired by them. This also applies to personal style / grooming threads. The discussion of these items or inspirations is perfectly acceptable, but if your sole goal is to purchase something, supershopper will most likely better serve your needs.

Part 2:Tagging SuperFashion Collections


For tagging seasons, the correct syntax is "ss" or "fw" for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter respectively, followed by the year (the first year listed in the case of Fall/Winter, so "Fall Winter 07/08 is "07"). For example: "ss07" or "fw07."

Pretty simple. Let's try and follow this rule so I won't have to re-tag all the threads again.


In the case of designers who use their names, full names only. Ann Demeulemeester is always Ann Demeulemeester, never simply "Ann," "Demeulemeester," or "Ann D." You get the idea. Try and spell it correctly, a quick google search will suffice for finding that sort of information.

In the case of companies with unusual names, spell and punctuate it as the company itself does it, unless it is impossible. In that case, just come up with whatever seems to work best. Use your common sense.

Companies whose names are acronyms should use whatever the acronyms stand for: P.A.M. should be tagged as "perks and mini."


In general, keep "description" tags to a minimum. They really aren't all that useful, and they just clog up the tag swarm and make it harder to find the information that people actually use.

Part 3:Posting Images

Since this is such a picture-heavy and picture-reliant forum (displaying pictures in your posts instead of linking to them is APPRECIATED) and leeching images is BAD (basically using other people's bandwidth without permission) please follow these few simple rules:

1. download the image to your hard drive

2. upload the image to your own webhost or to a free image host (there are lots of these)

3. link the image directly in your post using img tags

(note: some free image hosts let you directly "cross-upload" a picture from a url instead of downloading it to your hard drive first -- experiment w/ what works best)

if you need help posting images, please see hap's guide: http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=17061

anyone not following these rules will find their images edited out and may get an angry PM from me if you keep doing it over and over.


edit: moved responses to "Welcome to Superfashion" thread.

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