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Elephant Springs Vietnam


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The Elephant Springs Vietnam is easily one of the most beautiful hidden treasures of Vietnam. This natural spring that cascades into fresh water pools from a water fall is located 53 kilometers outside of Hue, roughly a 1 hour drive. It is also located just 20 kilometers from the infamous Hai Van Pass, a road deemed by Top Gears Jeremy Clarkson as "a deserted ribbon of perfection - one of the best coastal roads in the world". Over recent years, it has become incredibly popular with tourists and locals as a place to come and relax especially on hot days and enjoy some beer, food and fresh water. However, it still has the feeling of being untouched and not completely overrun like many other popular destinations.


What makes the Elephant springs Vietnam unique is that it is located off the beaten track, giving visitors the sensation of a secluded paradise. It also has a unique multi-layered layout, with different levels of bamboo huts where you can put your belongings under cover, as well as a place to relax alone or in groups outside the water. Surrounding the springs are thick forest and jungle, adding to the beautiful scenery. It has become a must-do for those travelling between Hue and Da Nang/Hoi An. Normally, as it is not along the direct route, tourists will have to organize a private car or take a specific group bus that is visiting theElephant Springs Vietnam.


Elephant Springs Vietnam - hoi an travel

(Elephant Springs Vietnam)


Elephant Springs


At the Elephant Springs you will find large elephant shaped boulders, hence the name. These boulders are quite large in stature and impressive to the eye. The best time of year to travel to the Elephant Springs Vietnam is typically between January and September, with the short rainy season being less quiet due to the water at the springs being less cool and the paths slippery - perhaps not suitable for older individuals or families with young children.



When travelling to the springs, please be wary of people trying to rip you off. There have been many reports of locals asking for high entrance fees or for excessive parking costs. You should pay around 55,000VND for entry, so be careful of those forcefully asking for money. As this area has become increasingly popular in recent years, locals have seen this as an opportunity to make money from unknowing tourists. There are also no official opening hours, as it is a public space. Please also note that the food stalls are only open on 'peak' days, so pack food if you plan to be at the Elephant Springs Vietnam  for a good part of the day.

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