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Ute Ploier

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Ute Ploier is an Austrian menswear designer who worked under Raf Simons for a period of time after studying at both CSM and Vienna's University of Applied Arts. Her last menswear collection, to my knowledge, was AW 13 "Post Punk", although there is one womenswear collection of SS 14 - however she has not shown a collection in a year at this point and I'm unsure as to what she's currently doing





SS 14

AW 13 - Post-Punk

SS 13 - Los Angeles

AW 12 - Roots

SS 12 - Flux

AW 11 - Hybrid

SS 11 - Nightswimmer

AW 10 - Man Machine

SS 10 - 8.5

AW 09 - Bardagamadur

SS 09 - Blue Print

AW 08 - 3D

SS 08 - Time-Loopers

AW 07 - The Messenger

SS 07 - Black Lizard

AW 06 - One Man Show

SS 06 - Charming Crooks

AW 05 - Pioneers


Some of the older collections already have threads, but almost all are full of dead image links, so I'm reposting them

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She really seemed to be hitting her peak with her most recent collections, Post Punk especially. A shame to see her disappear. 

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